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12 years experience working in the window cleaning/solar field

Licensed & Insured


Top Tier services Nevada County & surrounding areas


Residential Window Cleaning

I have been in and around every home possible. And have cleaned hundreds of thousands of windows. All types. Home windows should be cleaned twice a year to keep your windows and your investment protected.



Commercial Window Cleaning

A business like yours deserves clean windows. So everyone can see all your great products and services you offer. We offer Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly cleanings for businesses.

We also offer cleanings for large commercial buildings. 



Solar Cleaning

You want to increase your solar power intake? Call us. We can clean almost all solar p​anels with our deionized water and water fed pole combo.

Our pole can reach up to 40 feet so most solar panels are no problem for us to clean.



Pressure Washing

Power washing is always a necessity. It keeps your homes value and keeps it looking great. We focus on power washing driveways, walk ways, brick work and stone.


Exterior House Wash/ Soft Wash

We can clean the exterior of any house up to 3 story high with our soft wash. We remove the algae/mold from your house with our commercial grade solution.

No high pressure is used in this process.



The main goal with the soft wash is to kill the mold and moss on your roof. This mold and moss are actually destroying your roof slowly over time.

Most people don't know what a roof soft wash is. let me explain a bit.

First we blow the roof off of all debris 2nd we scrub off the larger globs of moss/algae that has built up over time and then 3rd the most important step is the entire roof gets sprayed with a commercial cleaner that will kill and neutralize all mold and moss/algae

This is a very import job to have done on your roof once a year. It will extend the life of your roof many years.

No high pressure is used in this process.





Roof soft wash & Cleaning


Gutter Cleaning

Gutters should be cleaned twice a year at minimum. We will get all the leaves and debris out of your gutters to keep them working proper and effective. We make sure every downspout is draining properly.



$100 Minimum job call out




Pressure Washing

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